Sunday, April 12, 2009

English Excitement

I have been living in Korea for many years now and yes I have been working hard trying to learn the Korean language. But now, I hear many Koreans want to learn English- Why? Well business reasons of course but also the Koreans want to connect better with the world-

Korea used to be called the "Hermit Kingdom" but , wow, how that's changed.They are very curious, intensely interested in travel, hosting visitors from other countries. They want to live, study, meet young people overseas- So we "have to learn English" -- American English that is!


Kids in Korea want to study and learn-not only for better jobs but because they are curious about every thing- and want to understand. But often because many must go to work in factories to help support the family- they have little chance for school.

But about 30 years ago Maryknoll in Pan Song Dong in South Korea, set up a NIGHT SCHOOL for young factory workers, from 6pm to 9pm every day. It was tough to work and study but many finished the course.

Just last week I got a call from one of the students: Do you remember me-from your old night school? We're having a reunion- can you come? I went - didn't remember names but I recognized almost all the faces. They were not rich but I was so pleased that all were doing quite well with jobs and happy families.

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