Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Happy Easter

Just recently the diocese of Incheon had a program of study for those involved in the liturgical programs of the parishes. 270 members of 47 different parishes attended the educational program. They had a professor from the seminary give the lectures. I am always surprised at the interest many of our Catholics have to participate in these diocesan programs.

Tomorrow the priests of the diocese will participate in the Mass of Chrism at the cathedral. This is also the Day for Priests, with a meal together after the Mass. We were told that there is even a gift for all of us who attend. Most of the priests of the diocese will attend with many of the faithful. It is a visible sign of the unity and love that our Lord prayed for at the Last Supper. After the meal the priests and people will return to their parishes for the parish Masses that evening.

There will be a break in the posting until after Easter. A Happy Easter and may we all be better from our participation in the liturgy during these high days of the liturgical year.

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