Friday, April 10, 2009


Now that the mourning period is over for Cardinal Kim the diocese of Seoul has begun distributing stickers with the words: thanks' and 'love one another'. These are the last words that the Cardinal is recorded as saying before his death.

It is surprising, in many ways, to see how he touched the hearts of so many people. Certainly to be thankful and to love are two very basic teachings of all the religions and even of civic virtue.

The Cardinal was a simple man who became a superstar without any effort on his part. It was the humble insistence on respect for all that drew so many people to him before and after his death. No one was able to deter him from this message and it caused pain for some both in the Church and out. It was the Christian message expressed at a time when it was most difficult. There is no doubt that this is the reason for the love that has been shown him. I am sure this love will continue even with the passage of time

The sticker movement will get many of us to be more conscious of what he stood for during those many years as the Ordinary of Seoul and even after, in retirement.

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