Friday, November 12, 2010

Pope's Words to the G-20 Summit in Korea

Following is a loose  translation of the message sent by Pope Benedict to Korean President Lee Myung-bak, who is hosting the  G-20 Summit of 2010, which convened yesterday in Seoul.

The Pope writes that this meeting, being held in Asia at the beginning of the 21st century, is a fitting acknowledgment of Asia's importance and responsibility to the international community. And that, in addition, selecting Korea, a first-time participant, to host the G-20--the first among those not belonging to the G-8 to do so--is also a recognition of Korea's significant economic development. After the recent crises, this will be a Summit that will take the lead, according to the Pope, in deciding many  complicated issues.  Future generations will  depend on your decisions, and therefore, will require the participation and agreement of all nations. Dignity of all people the primary and central value, is the ultimate goal. This is basic and will require the  cooperation of the international community.

The Catholic Church, in accordance with its mandate, wants to share in the concerns of the leaders who are participating in the Seoul Summit. The Pope encourages them to struggle with the serious problems we all are faced with, keeping in mind the deeper reasons for the economic and financial crisis, and come up with policies that will be just and sustainable. The policies that are decided, if they are to be ultimately and truly effective, will have to be for the authentic and integral  development of the whole person.

The attention of the world is on the meeting, the Pope said. He hopes that they will not decide on matters that will favor some countries at the expense of others. And hopes they will decide on appropriate measures to solve the problems we face.  We are all living together with many different cultures, financial systems, political groups, and  even though harmony will be difficult to achieve, history teaches that when we have respect for the person and work together to achieve this harmony, we will have satisfactory results. Thanks to the crises that we have today, we are able to recognize that civilizations, cultures,  economic, social and political systems, will come together in a vision we all can share, and show our maturity to the world and future generations,  provided, we respect the laws and demands of God the creator, in bedded in the  nature of things.

The Pope hopes the G-20, by considering the many and sometimes conflicting issues facing the world today, will respond to the expectations of all of us by showing a desire to search for the common  good and by a willingness to cooperate in achieving it. He ends his message by invoking God's blessing on all participants in the Seoul Summit. 

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