Sunday, June 3, 2012

Religion Has to do a Better Job

Efforts  made by religions in Korea to live harmoniously together without any serious problems is an example of healthy coexistence. However, the Catholic Times editorial asks if religious people are also giving a good example to those without any religion. Recently, we have a number of books that appear in our book stores that tell us that society would be better off  without religion.

There is interest in these books; a sign that secularism is part of the society in which we live. The message to Catholics and other religious people is our efforts to show transcendence and religious values to society have  not been successful. We have to reflect on how much we have been an example to the non-religious  persons and groups in society.

Many scholars who have  studied the issue no longer see society listening to religious talk.  Words have lost their attraction it is an example of a life well lived that inspires: authenticity and genuineness.  

Looking at the lives of religious believers how much of an example are we to others? We have to be able to critique our own lives. Politicians who are religious believers have not been a good example  to those without any beliefs. Religion doesn't make much difference in the way life is lived. We have seen the moral life of religious people censured repeatedly for conduct that is not in keeping with what they believe.

There have been scandals within religious groups that have hit the press recently that have shown the weakness and immorality of believers. These stories do little to endear non-believers to think twice of the benefits of belief but rather to turn them away from what they see as hypocrisy. 

The editorial mentions that, for the time being, Catholicism is relatively highly respected   and is considered a strong bulwark for the upholding of conscience. However, this should not be taken lightly nor should we  rest satisfied   remembering  the honor that we had in the past. To continue to have this respect we have to be open and concerned with the  tensions in our society.

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