Monday, August 20, 2012

Importance of Prenatal Care

Currently, the Korean society is faced with an increasing number of sterile couples and of children having ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).  Bullying, autism, suicide, and such problems are a concern for a teaching doctor in a Seoul hospital, who feels that proper prenatal care would help solve these problems.

In the past, everyone considered  prenatal care an ideal goal, but if you didn't bother with it, no one paid too much attention. However, today the baby is understood to be influenced by both the physical and the psychic environment into which the baby is born.

In addition to the influence of genes given to the baby from the parents, the personality of the baby is also likely to be influenced by the thinking and activities of the mother.

This is all medically verifiable. Children who are bullies and violent show abnormal brain activities. Consequently it is now standard practice for the medical profession to recommend that the baby in the womb get as much care as possible, with the intention of providing the best environment in which to form the baby's personality. A baby born healthy, both in body and mind, and raised well, is a fundamental and virtuous responsibility of the parents. It is an act of love, and should be a concern not only for  parents, says the the professor, but should be a concern to all of us.

He mentions that his dissertation on the effect of classical music on the fetus was the starting point that changed his thinking on how he now sees the issue of prenatal care.  From that time on, he devoted himself to the study of prenatal and natural remedies, beginning a prenatal school in his hospital and giving lectures to the interns on the importance of prenatal care, using natural measures as much as possible.

When we have the correct understanding of life, he says, then the importance of caring for the baby during the prenatal period, as well as the importance of attending to the proper raising of children, will become self-evident. This understanding will be especially true for mothers; by understanding what is happening, how their thinking and activities are affecting the baby in the womb, the mothers will no longer be able to see the prenatal period as before.The sex act  also will be seen differently for there  is the possibility it will continue for 100 years.

The professor will publish a book on prenatal care next month. And he hopes that there will soon be natural birth centers in all the general hospitals of the country, and that the leaders of our society will take an active interest in pursuing this issue by encouraging more acceptance of prenatal care by all expectant mothers.

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