Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Need to Dream Dreams (Acts 2:17)

In his column in the Catholic Times, a pastor in his talks to young people tells them to search for what they like--that will save them. St Augustine's well known words: “Love and do what you like” gives us the reason why this is so. Those that love God all things work together for the good.

He laments that many young people don't know what they like, what they really want.They are running very zealously towards an unknown future. When they realize that is not where they want to be, they become despondent, and lost. Those on the sidelines can sense this loss of hope. Those who are racing towards a worldly goal will be affected even more. 

That is the reason we have to have a dream, he says. He wants to address these words to all the parishioners. Many of the older people want to die: they believe there is nothing left for them to do. They need a dream. It is never too late to dream. When one works to realize their dream they find joy and are invigorated.

What is my dream? What is it that I like?  We are all traveling the road of happiness: a life in God's kingdom. Aren't all Christians dreaming about life with God here and in the hereafter? When we are conscious of this goal and daily working for its accomplishment, this in itself brings great joy. Process is already part of the accomplishment. That is why he asks his parishioners often: "What is your dream, what is it that you like?"  "All the way to heaven is heaven because Jesus said, I am the way." These words of St. Catherine express this truth.

We are all on the path to happiness. A life in God's kingdom, a life  of happiness for all eternity is our dream. Dreaming of this goal that we all have should bring great joy into our lives. 

We need to know who we are and where we are heading. This is the way of life and his wish for all who are reading these words. Life should be filled with meaning and with joy because of our dreams. St. Peter in his sermon in Acts 2:17  "in the last days... your old men shall dream dreams." The spirit of God that is given moves us to hope and dream dreams.