Friday, April 17, 2015

Communication a Human Need

A couple came to see the pastor about the lack of communication between them. Married for over thirty years, and recently experienced an iron wall separating them. The  priest writes about the  encounter with the couple in the Pastoral Bulletin; wonders about the results of living in this way.

The couple expressed in detail their problem and was hoping for some words of wisdom from the pastor resolving their difficulty. The priest prayed that the couple in receiving Jesus in communion they would again find trust and the flame of love again.

Communication is at the heart of relationships. One good at communicating is looked upon kindly, and  easily approached. They show concern for others and their own situation, and are looked upon favorably--  all enjoy their company.

We have the smart phone, the internet, and many other means of communicating but it  has not improved but rather distanced ourselves from better and deeper communication, and we are called to be communicators.

God's desire in the Trinity is to be intimate, and open to communication. We are not  responding to the invitation to be open to the other when we only remember the scars inflicted, and close our hearts to the other. We justify our actions by not wanting to be scarred again. Closing our hearts to others, we are isolating ourselves, making us lonelier. When we close ourselves off from our neighbor, the world and nature we imprison ourselves in a cave.

Communication is an essential part of our existence.  Without communication we destroy our humanity, become overly nervous, and depressed. We don't communicate only to achieve some result but to be who we are. When we are with a close friend we speak without fear of being misunderstood. Opening ourselves to the other and being accepted we know we are worthy of love which renews us.  

Our Lord is calling us to an intimacy of friendship. We are completely open to him giving him even our sins and failings and receiving mercy and forgiveness. We need to be open to communication, or we will not be living a truly human life. God the Father communicated with us by  giving us his son;  Jesus gave himself completely in communication as food-- Take and Eat.                                                                                                           

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