Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A World Wide Vision Begun at Creation

Our present knowledge of the heavens both in quantity and quality has no correspondence  with anything in the past. We are deepening our knowledge  but at the same time ask why did the universe begin? Who/what is the absolute existence that has allowed this to happen? What is the reason for the universe?  Humans, only a dot in the universe-- why are we here?

An article in the Kyeongyang magazine by a seminary professor wants us to examine these questions. They are not the questions scientists can answer but go beyond to the metaphysical. The answers given have been vague and varied.

Our Faith goes beyond the vagueness and uncertainty with answers. We understand that God made the universe and all of us; we are the recipients of this revelation from our ancestors, allowing us to have an understanding of our destiny. God is the beginning and final object,  and the way we find meaning for our existence. The way we  understand this relationship, receive it and develop it-- determines our destiny.

Creation is the gift of God; nothing exists that is not a gift. All comes from God, and directs us to God. Our existence  comes from God and it is completed in God, and the way we  come to understanding our role in the universe. 
After the Renaissance with the  emphasis on the autonomy of the human, a new  spirit of the times was evidenced, pushing God to the edges. Moreover,  God became an  obstacle to human development.  Dependence on God had to be broken if we were to mature; and yet it was just the opposite that was needed-- dependence on God for our development.

Humans are made in the image of God, which gives us our dignity. This truth makes the place of humanity in creation something quite different, a dignity that participates in God. This existence is completed with a personal relationship with God. He want us to imitate him  and to make this easier he became one of us. We are called to be his co- workers in this world. In Creation, we have the blueprint and meaning for our  journey as humans, and providence, the  direction in which we are being led. 

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