Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Today's Fortune

Catholic Times' column on spirituality, shows how easy it is to be moved and influenced by what we do not believe and even think foolish.The columnist, a priest,  on passing the  lobby of the monastery  saw one of the senior priests reading the newspaper.  

 "Father, what grabs your interest so early in the morning?"  The priest:

"Looking over the news I saw today's fortune column, and spent time reading it. What is your birth year,month and day? Let us see what they say?--  Be careful today to avoid a big disagreement."

The columnist knew the  priest would not be in the least  interested in fortunes, and here he was reading the horoscopes. It didn't make sense."Father when did you start becoming interested in horoscopes?"

"Heavens, I am just playing around, just  curious to see what people are reading and believing. I looked to see what my horoscope was and I am to leave by the North, and will meet a noble person.  Aren't we all noble persons? What are your plans? "

"I am on my way to the research center and just dropped in to say hello.  Have a good day." The columnist took leave of his fellow priest. He was to meet three of his classmates from the diocese. They were going to donate a gift to the research center. Three of the classmates met him at the center and they went to the market to see what was available. One of the classmates asked him:

"Father, pick the color and the design that you want."

The columnist suddenly remembered what his priest friend told him to beware of  disagreements, and answered: "They're all fine, no problem."

The classmate was surprised at his response.This was not the person he knew."Hey, you will be using it at the center, pick what you want."

The columnist continued to tell his friend it didn't matter what he bought they were all good. "You are giving it to me as a gift so it is proper for you to make the choice." That day he was getting into a fight with his classmate over what to buy. It was crazy, he was fulfilling what the horoscope had predicted could happen.

This prompted the columnist to give the whole  thing some thought. The words of his brother priest at the monastery indirectly influenced him that day. If he was moved by a positive mind in the way he was living, and was not tied and bound by the here and now, but had his eyes on what was eternal he would be more authentic, and know himself better.