Friday, March 4, 2016

Our Mission As Christians

A religious sister recently, after 30 years in the religious life, was given her first assignment to a parish. As a parish sister, she began working with  parishioners making Jesus known, and forming disciples.
As a religious she had many different positions;  worked with many different groups, but in a corner of her heart was always a feeling of dissatisfaction. Many of the Catholics have an understanding of a faith life that only has to do with the individual's spirituality: attending Mass, belonging to a group in the parish, faithfully attending meetings, and living a good life, but in society and in the workplace, they don't see the need to judge and act appropriately as Christians. Daily life, and their religious life are two different worlds.

What is worse, you have not infrequently, distortion of the teachings of the Church by trumpeters giving their personal ideas as Church teaching.  At baptism  they promised to be disciples of Jesus and to live accordingly, but have forgotten their mission.

She has for many years been responsible for the education of volunteers working in society and the church and has seen the way the catechumens have been formed over the years. The last section of the catechism on our duties in society are passed over quickly.

The period of the catechumenate is short and the priests, religious and lay people  who were educated before the Second Vatican Councils were those who have been responsible for the formation of teachers of catechumens, and the emphasis on JPIC: Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation are overlooked. This she feels is the  reason for our lack of understanding of our mission to society and the world.

Present society requires a grounding in this teaching if the Christians are to be the light and salt of the earth. The problems with justice in society are many. Pope Francis wants us to get involved in this world  for justice. We pray in the 'Our Father' that God's Will, be done on this earth as it is in heaven. She concludes by hoping  we will live with this understanding of our mission. 

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