Friday, December 16, 2016

Catholic Lay Movement of Korea

After the Second Vatican Council, in 1968 the Catholic Lay Apostolate Council was formed to inspire and give life to the work of the laity in Korea: evangelization works of charity, and work for the peace of the world and internal growth of the Church. The need of the laity to get involved in works of society and to encourage their participation. The Catholic Times had an article examining a half-century of growth.

In 1988 Pope John Paul II wrote an exhortation: Christifideles Laici ( Lay members of Christ's Faithful People)  which strengthened the position of the laity in the Church. This became a  concern on how to live according to the manner outlined in the exhortation. Consequently, they saw the need to come together as a group.

They started with the sticker: 'through my fault'  which is from the introductory confession at the beginning of Mass. They distributed 300,000 stickers, an attempt as individuals, members of families, in the workplace and in society to personally check the Christian's faith life and examine where to grow. 

The movement grew and received encouragement from society.  A song was composed and we had literary works produced with the theme. It spread to other countries. One of the reasons was the lack of morals and virtue experienced in society made the movement attractive to many. We were both the problem and solution. This was an impetus to work for the return of virtue in our social life.

In 1994  an appeal went all to all the Catholics and society at large: "Let us return morality and virtue to its rightful place and begin living according to God's order for humanity." At that time we had widespread corruption, lack of respect for life and trust only in material things. In 1993 we had the return of democratic leadership and the end of the military dictatorship.

Three years later in order to have the laity take their rightful place in the life of the Church the Lay Apostolate Council submitted some bold proposals to the bishops. They asked  that the parish pastoral councils be more than a consultative group but have deliberative possibilities in the management of the parish. Also to have a department for the laity in the diocesan makeup  and have their opinion heard in the decisions of the diocese. 

The following year,1998, with the IMF bailout situation, the Lay Council recommended that all the parishes become involved in the 'Anabada' movement: A (saving), Na (sharing) Ba (exchanging), Da (reusing). This was an effort to overcome the difficulties of that time and to be concerned with those out of work and to help them financially, 

In 2001 to overcome our greed and mammonism in society they inaugurated: 'Let us live properly' movement. The Council again wanted to inspire the Christians to work to make a just society for without efforts to overcome the evils in society the future will not be bright.

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