Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Priming Water And Faith

A desert is a desert because of lack of water. In a bulletin for pastoral workers the writer speaks about a traveler in the desert who was suffering from thirst and comes upon an oasis. 

On the spot was a pump with a bucket full of  priming water and a sign: "If you drink this priming water you will forever fail to drink the water of the well. [Priming  water was the water that was needed in the old pumps to create a vacuum and draw the water up for use] Take the water and pour it into the pump, you will have drinking water, water to wash yourself and your clothes, and before you leave fill the priming bucket with water for the next person."

The traveler was faced with the dilemma since he was dying of thirst. If he drank the water he would save himself. However, if he used the water as primer and it did not draw up water from the well he would die of thirst. If the priming did bring up the water he would be able to use water to his heart content.

Filled with worry he poured the water into the pump. At first no water and he kept  on pumping furiously, and after a feeling of despair the water began to flow and he was at peace, He filled the bucket with water and went on his way.

We are told in the Gospels that we can do wonderful things with the gift of faith even if it is no bigger than a small mustard seed. Too often the culture influences us more than the gift of faith and tarnishes all that we do.

The gift of faith for the writer, is like the  priming water of the old fashion pumps of days gone by. We need to trust that when we pour the water into the  pump and begin to pump furiously we will be rewarded. [Living the faith life]

Each day we wake up to a new reality. Different from the day before. We sing a new song, born again to a new day. Having these thoughts is what our faith life gives us. The new day will brings new possibilities, new deterrents, old problems remain, but we believe and hope that doing what we are missioned to do, all things will work together for the good.

Life of a Christian  is to trust in what we have been given, the gift of faith. Like priming water it will bring us an over abundance of what God wants to give, but are required to want and do what will enable us to receive what God always gives. "I am the servant of the Lord" is our daily confession. Daily we become the priming water and trust in God's abundance.