Monday, December 5, 2016

Lessons From Choi Soon-sil Gate

In Korea, the names of the president and her friend from the past continue to monopolize the news with the  escapades of Choi Soon-sil Gate. Like any drama or movie, it fascinates the populace and those involved continue to add to the story. With false belief and a strong ego, without  a speck of personal guilt we continue the tug of war within the country.

A religious sister in the View from the Ark column  of the Catholic Times  gives the readers her understanding of what is happening. Very much like a screenplay that is performed before the eyes of the citizens, different from what we are accustomed. We have always had the struggle between good and evil. The good have mostly accepted very naively and passively the evil. However, here we have the pack of wolves and  citizens wise as snakes and gentle as doves.

A citizens movement against distorted beliefs. Truth, logical thinking, instead of restlessness; peace, instead of egotistical attachment and stubbornness, politeness and constancy. These two states of affairs confronting each other are moving to a climax. Before the end, we will have many variables entering the picture. However the values of  truth and love  will be the results.

Those looking on from the sidelines are waiting for the truth to become manifested and this has not yet been the case. With the candlelight demonstrations, the citizens have come to a critical point. Here we have the anger of the populace coming to a head and the sign of their maturity. Tears in the eyes and a solemn demeanor is evident.

She quotes from the Book of Changes: "When our situation is difficult  we change, we find understanding, and we will continue to live well. Heaven will come to our aid and  it will not be harmful." She prays that the ringleaders of the mess the country is in will understand what is happening. And wonders how the citizens have been involved in accepting the false values of the times.

Citizens, because of what has happened have upgraded their concern for the county. They have made known what the citizens want from those running the government. They want to salvage the truth and want it carried out. This is the teaching of Jesus and a preparation to participate in the 'Paschal Mystery' a new way of living in Korea.