Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Third Anniversay of the Sewol Disaster

Easter 2017 was the third anniversary of the sinking of the Sewol Ferry and the connection brought many thoughts to mind. The raising of the ship has alleviated some pain associated with the tragedy. Efforts continue in finding the meaning to society from the sinking.

Editorials in the Catholic Weeklies and magazine articles return to the sinking and the meaning it has for Korean society. Sections of society, however, find the continuing talk about the tragedy repulsive and want it to stop: enough is enough. Contemplating the same event we have differences of opinion and yet it is necessary to determine for Catholics how much is based on who we are as Christians.

One editorial mentions the words of Pope Francis that the Church needs to speak out when we have injustices in society.We are moving from one way of living to another; labor pains accompany us as Christians and we need to decide what our responses will be. 

Countless rumors are associated with the sinking and many questions remain which the families of the victims  and many in society want answered. Lack of transparency and suspicion that a coverup has been at work has angered many in society.

The families of the victims and those who have not yet recovered the bodies of their loved ones are only searching for the truth and do not want revenge. Those who want to see vengeance are asked to turn it over to God.

The Ferry  sank in the muddy waters filled with greed and corruption. The weak are still the food for the strong and the strong have their way in society. No need to ask who are at fault for we are all in some way involved in the disaster. Material goods and their acquisition at any price is this not the reason for the catastrophe? This is not the way society should go.
Have we changed the direction of our lives after the tragedy?

A member of the bereaved families asked:  "Why has God given us this agony in losing our loved ones?"  Silence is not always an answer to agony. We are caught in the trap of our own greed and are distant from God, and fail to understand how we are all involved.

That is why those who have died should continue to remain in our thinking. Remembrance is Resurrection.
Resurrection is a new experience a new meeting with the one who died and rose again from the dead and who remains with us.

During this Easter Season we pray for the victims of the tragedy the families and those who are still looking for the bodies of their loved ones and we pray that the anger and questions that followed from the tragedy will in the near future be laid to rest.

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