Monday, May 15, 2017

Hope in a New President

Korea after a hectic political campaign selected their new president. Many words were uttered. Each house received the campaign promises of each candidate. Catholic Times' columnist in View from the Ark tells his readers he didn't bother to read any of them for him they lack sincerity as did the TV debates.

Citizens see them as incompetent preachers, little tipsy drinking elders, school children. It's a feast of words, like a banquet where much is eaten and the stomach full. In the TV debates, all that the writer remembers are a lot of grave words but lack of policies.

He remembers hearing a news bulletin on the radio which mentioned that President Trump had within his first 100 days made 488 false or misleading statements, the only days without them were the days on the golf course. He will end his term as a Pinocchio-like president says many of his detractors, the standard for others in elections.

Those that feel that politics needs a strong man will accept the bluster and the acts of a man like Trump. They will tolerate irregularities, vices, and corruption because of the desires they place in the strong person. This we have seen in the drive for material prosperity in recent governments.

Those who show off their strength are considered capable populists. Although the word derives from the word people, in fact, they have little concern for the feelings of the people but only on strength.

During the campaign they kowtow to the voters but once elected they have little concern for the vision of the citizens but only their own.

Politicians who incite the public and show an interest in what the citizens' think is limited to the election season. There is no consideration or vision for others. They do not have the empathy of the Samaritan when they see the sick person lying on the roadside. The uncomfortable body sensation that I feel when I see someone who is hurt is a gift. On Easter Sunday Christians gathered to remember Jesus' death but were also reminded of the Sewol Ferry tragedy. But for self-centered populists, that uncomfortable gift was not received.
"Small people" in the Christian tradition are God's poor. When the world is morally blind and unjust,  people can not look elsewhere except to God. They are the ones who can not protect themselves and help themselves, the only thing left is the cry to God.

Jesus lived a thoroughly popular life. Jesus was a thorough populist who saw God's kingdom among the people and proclaimed the kingdom of God. The hope of Christianity was always on people from the beginning.

A new president was elected in Korea. He expects the new president to be sympathetic and uncomfortable with the pain of the citizens. Because of the inconvenience of the president, all public action for justice and freedom can begin.

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