Monday, July 10, 2017

How to LIve to be 125

A medical doctor who had a history of stomach cancer writes in the Catholic Digest on how to live to a ripe old age of 125. During the Joseon dynasty the average age was 47, today the average age is 80. Korea has joined the ranks of the long living nations. With the increase, the desire also to live longer has increased.

He gives a brief description of a chromosome and the role of a compound structure at the cap of a chromosome called telomere. At the beginning of life, they are long, with age they shorten. They will determine the life of the chromosome. A cell divides approximately 60 times in a lifetime the telomeres also get shorter and with the decrease in size, eventually the cell dies.

Our bodies, however, produce the protein Sirtuin which helps to nourish the cell and repairs the cell and renews its life. He reminds the readers there is a way of replenishing this protein: by eating little. The secret is to revitalize the telomeres that are being destroyed with each division of the cell.

He gives us the steps he recommends as a doctor. Those who study longevity list the places in the world with the largest number of those who have lived long lives: Sardinia,Italy; Okinawa, Japan; Ikaria, Greece; Seventh Day Adventist from Loma Linda, California; and the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. Korea also has its long living areas.

He lists the qualities that are common in these areas. First, movement of both body and spirit. Second, exercise using the body like exercise equipment. No need for extreme sports and going to health facilities. Third, interest in learning, positive in outlook and thankful. Fourth, maintains a good relationship with family and acquaintances, spiritual. Fifth, retiring means death to these people. Sixth, no medicine, food or place is the secret of a long life. Seventh, they rarely go to a pharmacy or hospital.

When it comes to eating they eat a variety of food but vegetarian is predominant and keep the portions small. Secondly, they stay away from processed and refined foods. Thirdly, they eat all colors of fruits and vegetables. Fourth, protein from animals is mostly fish and pork. Fifth, when they follow a vegetarian diet they supplement the B12 by fermented foods and sea vegetables.

The influence of Heredity in all of this is about 10 percent.There is no one way of doing what is necessary but to live in peace, be happy and don't eat much. When he goes into the hospital ward of the elderly sick the following words come to mind: "It's not living long that's important but to live the years we have fully, healthfully and with joy."

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