Monday, September 30, 2019

Reputation And Reality

The word reputation has much included within its meaning: evaluation and judgment are two. We live with a reputation, make our reputation and listen to the reputation of others. The world values reputation and it determines success in much of life, often more important than ability. In the Word and Silence column of the Peace Weekly, a journalist gives his thoughts on the subject.

The success or failure of a company depends on its reputation. It gives wings to sales and can bring about a serious crisis in operations. Professional bodies research reputations and develop reputation indices. They advise, manage your reputation.

Politics is a fight over reputation. Elections are all mixed up with the rise and fall of reputations: rumors more than truth, perception more than facts, slogans more than content, and public relations more than reality. Each party hangs on its digital reputation They gather in their bags of comments and manipulate the search engine, and try to spread false news and dance when they succeed.

Reputation is ambiguous. My judgment is actually the reputation given to the world. They have never met the person but they know enough to like or hate, respect or despise someone. Most are superficial perceptions— virtual images conveyed by the media.

This is an era of reputation. Reputation is money and opportunity. Wealth, honor, power depend on reputation. Sometimes the seeds of destruction of oneself and family are sown. Reputation is hard to control.

Reputation is like money, without it, life is difficult but its pursuit leads to unhappiness. Become a slave to money and one loses its precious value. The same is true of reputation. The more you desire it the chances are it will destroy you and you lose your goal and direction in life.

Misery develops when dominated by reputation. The world's praise and tribute spoil one. The public wants idols and makes idols. Raise an ordinary person into a hero and they often are considered a prophet of the times.

Reputation is stronger than reality. If the reputation takes over, the reality is invisible. People trapped within a reputation rarely can free themselves. The cheers of the masses are like drugs, and gradually one becomes addicted. You cannot distinguish between what is real and the reputation developed. Life begins to imitate the reputation in which one truly believes. The tail shakes the torso. Reputation dominates behavior and consciousness.

An exaggerated reputation ruins a life. Even a noble personality is harmed. A double life can appear and lead to a life with a mask. The wise guard against a reputation. When an unbearable reputation comes, they run away from it. In particular, one refuses the place of respect and admiration by acting against expectations. Sometimes working against a supposed good is a greater virtue.

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