Saturday, October 10, 2020

The Signis Movement In Korea During the Pandemic


In the Peace column of the Catholic Peace Weekly, the chairman of the Korea Signis Movement gives the readers some ideas of the new normal in the time of the pandemic.

Probably for many of the readers the term Signis is unfamiliar. The movement was created in 2001 from the merger of the International Catholic Association for Radio and Television and the International Catholic Organization for Cinema and Audiovisuals, both founded in 1928. Since the objectives were similar to bring together professionals working in the media they became one, in the mission to engage media professionals and support Catholic Communicators to transform our cultures by promoting Human Dignity, Justice, and Reconciliation.

The Signis World Congress was to be held in Korea at Sogang University in August of 2021 but it will be postponed for one year. All the preparations were discontinued. Souvenirs were made and all the elaborate preparations stopped. The warm encouragement of those around the Korean director, who said: "He will be able to better prepare to have another year," did little to elate his spirit.

Signis is a Vatican-accredited global lay group of media workers. All international events have been postponed or canceled since Corona 19. The Board of Directors of Signis Asia, where he is acting director, was delayed and switched to Zoom Meetings. It is uncomfortable and leaves much to be desired but he is getting used to it.

On September 2nd, a “Catholic Forum” was held with the Catholic Journalists Association and Signis Seoul. The number of participants was limited to 10 by the quarantine stage 2.5. Except for the six presenters, only the technical staff and the event management team were present. Instead of an audience, the entire process was broadcast live on YouTube. It was unfortunate, but over 300 participated, exceeding expectations.

The theme of the Catholic Forum was 'New Normal after Corona, Korean Society, and Religion'. We looked at the social phenomena that changed from the face-to-face era and looked into what direction Korean Catholicism should go. Amid the difficulties facing the church, the main argument was to look back on the essence and make change a new opportunity.

After the second spread of the corona in August, the number of mass participants in the parish he attends has decreased significantly. The number of Mass participants, which was around 700, fell below 300 during the first coronavirus outbreak, and this time shrunk below 200. Other parishes will have similar results.

Choosing doesn't mean choosing between 'to do' and 'not do'. You can do new things, and you can do different things. On the way, when the road is blocked, don't stop, but turn around and find a new way.
There are so many things that cannot be done because of the virus. We have plenty of excuses to do nothing and easily give up. Even if someone steps out and opens a different path, we will hesitate to follow. It will be less than before and you will see problems. But only when one decides to do something will you find a new way. When you get used to that path, it becomes a new normal.

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