Thursday, December 3, 2020

Living in the Back Road of Life

From ancient times the road in front of a village was called the main-road, the road between the houses the alley, the road behind the village that received little sun, and when the snow came you would see the piles of snow on the edge of the road was the back road.

A priest scholar in the psychology of the spiritual life expresses his opinion that life is for may similar to these three roads. In the springtime of life, this majestic main way is wide open to the future. However, in middle age after the many trials of life and failures, one begins to walk solitary the alleys. In old age, it's the back road looking back on the life lived.

In the fall of the year, nature gives us the harvest and asks us to prepare for the new year—our old age in the life cycle. A time when we try to put things in order and for Christians prepare for the afterlife. What feelings come to mind when we reflect on the life lived?

We have those walking the unknown alleys of life spotted with its sorrows and difficulties. He wonders how many of those looking back would opt to choose a different path if they had the chance.

A study was made of those facing death in old age and asked if they had a chance to live life over again what would they choose to do. They were a varied group: many successful in wealth, prestige, honors, and those who considered themselves failures. It didn't matter in the answers that were given.

He lists in the order of those with the greatest number of responses. The first was living their life as they thought it should have been lived. Second, a desire to live in harmony with everybody. Thirdly wanting to share. In the first place was not living to please others but happiness required they live the life they wanted—obvious but often forgotten.

Also with those, we are in a loving relationship often it is a love/hate relationship. Looking back many are sorry for the scars inflicted when in many cases it was not of great importance. Because of the conflict separation often follows.

When death approaches it is said we are the most truthful and genuine. If we could live every moment of life as if it was our last moment our relationships would be much more tender.

Our need to share comes to the fore. We came into the world without anything and we will leave without anything. Words that come from the wisdom of the world, and yet easy to forget. Often the material closes our eyes to sharing and loving relationships, losing the meaning of life.

Listening to the words of those who have left this life what are the values of those of us who are still living? We need to ask ourselves and give an answer.

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