Saturday, April 10, 2021

Pursuit of Truth Keeps One Young

Integrity word cloud In the Catholic Peace Weekly Believer's Platform, the columnist gives us his thoughts on the pursuit of truth and the results. He has for the last 26 years worked in consulting and one of the important things for a counselor is to have a mentor who sees that he's doing his work correctly and always ready to give him advice.

His teacher is a psychiatrist who is there to help in the consulting when needed; he considers this a great blessing. His teacher is a unique person who hasn't aged for 26 years. What's the secret to not getting old?

The secret to not getting old was work. His teacher is nearing the 90s and is still working. He learned from his teacher that people do not work because they are old, but because they do not work, they grow old. 


Even now, at 8 am each morning he leaves home with his wife and comes to the lab of the Family Academy. He spends a busy day writing in the lab, teaching students, and welcoming guests until 5:00 pm. 


After retirement, he has come to the academy daily and has published three or four books a year. There's a variety of things that he does, but all of them are brought together into one: the pursuit of truth. There's no time for one to get old when behaving in this way.

Bertrand Russell's maternal grandmother, a leading intellectual in her eighties spent time reading popular science books as a habit from midnight to 3 am when it became hard to fall asleep. Russell said he knew this was the secret to staying young by looking at his maternal grandmother. If you live like this, you won't have time to realize that you're getting old. It is a life of truth-seeking.

The secret to living young without getting old is like the grandmother and his teacher to maintain one's activities and exert their energies with a wide and sensitive interest in the pursuit of truth. 


A lifespan is just a number. The retired psychiatrist spent his whole life trying to find out the truth about a person's way of thinking and acting and has written about what he found, and used it in his lectures, counseling, and various activities. 


Recently, with interest in the mental health of people in the Corona era, the doctor started a YouTube program to inform the public about the research on coronavirus and trauma that will occur after Corona. Looking for solutions with a lifelong interest in things that people struggle with and suffer, his face always has a childlike curiosity and youth-like passion.

In the words of "The Truth Will Make You Free" (John 8,32), we find that there is a driving force in the pursuit of truth that makes one's heartbeat and helps one retain a youthful spirit. Even when we get older, the life of pursuing truth through what one does, and spreading it, is the secret of staying young of heart. In the age of living to the 100s, the writer wants to continue his interest and activities in the field of truth-seeking, and live like a young person full of curiosity— The pursuit of truth keeps us from getting old.


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