Sunday, May 30, 2021

Importance of Solidarity and Respect

In the Light of the World Column of the Catholic Times, the writer gives the readers some thoughts on Solidarity and Respect.

Everyone lives with hope. From the time of childhood dreams for the future, the small pleasures of enjoying hobbies on weekends, the passion to achieve these dreams with hard work: peoples' hopes are many and varied. Achieving their dreams become better people. The ordinary hopes of living a healthy and happy life day by day and going to work and school are the ordinary hopes of daily life.

The problem is that there are times when hopes collide; different wishes and interests are intertwined. Some parents want their children to go to prestigious schools, but the children sometimes prefer art or sports. 


Everyone puts their lives on the line for entrance examinations and employment, but many more people suffer in their daily lives. Often the main purpose of society is to pursue more profits rather than to guarantee labor rights in the workplace. The movie 'Sorry We Missed You, Ricky' describes the reality that even working cannot get one out of poverty, and even human life and family are threatened because of the vicious circle of labor exploitation. The reason is that respect has disappeared rather than that hopes conflict.

Respect is also used very importantly in the "Catechism of the Catholic Church". First of all, God's words should be respected with praise and reverence. God respects human freedom. Personality, life, human dignity, neighborhood, environment, and nature are all objects to be respected. Christ also sat with sinners at table, washed their feet, and made solidarity with sinners through the cross which best reveals the meaning of respect.


Christians must respect everyone. Love is to respect the rights of others in society, and respect is to love others as the Lord did.

The foundation of "Social Teaching" is respect. The existence of the church is a sign of solidarity, and respect, in a word—love. Peace requires the two wheels of a cart: solidarity and respect. A life of gratitude fulfills, and dissatisfaction is a life of scarcity. Appreciation and respect should be a form of human behavior for when life and human rights are respected we have peace. 

Just listening to 'Feeling respected' makes one excited giving a feeling of warmth. On the other hand, those who have always been anxious about losing what they have and have regarded the world as a place of struggle find the past painful. It's because of the lack of respect. Where there is no respect, there is an insatiable stubbornness, and hope is often misguided love and perverse greed. Life is left with scars and futility.

However, as we mature to another level, our vision expands through respect for each other. Relaxation, leisure, reflection, and sharing are created, joy and laughter spread, and we look at what we haven't seen before and grow in maturity. I meet God, the true meaning of hope. Everyone lives in society and relationships. Respect is like water sprinkled on dry rice fields. Respect gives rise to the seed of hope, based on empathy, understanding, and respect.


"Peace is the fruit of justice, understood in the broad sense as the respect for the equilibrium of every dimension of the human person. Peace is threatened when a man is not given all that is due him as a human person, when his dignity is not respected, and when civil life is not directed to the common good. The defense and promotion of human rights are essential for the building up of a peaceful society and the integral development of individuals, peoples, and nations" (#494 Compendium of the Social Teaching of the Church).


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