Saturday, September 25, 2021

We Reap What we Sow


We will gather what we have sown. The Corona counter-attack. The title of an article by a retired university professor of biotechnology in the Kyeongyang magazine.

I was born in Wuhan China. Rather than born my true identity was made known to the world at that time. I was hidden in the wildlife market of Wuhan.

In the past two years, civet cats, minks, raccoons, some 38 species among the about 47,000 animals were in the market before the pandemic.

My introduction is somewhat late. You may have guessed, my name is Covid 19. I didn't realize I would  be so famous and the king of all the viruses. I received a message congratulating me on my success in spreading so quickly. "Now you can begin your second phrase."

I will not be doing  this because of my kingship among the viruses. My family will be doing this. My family in the South American rain forest is in a serious situation. Trees are cut down and in their place building pig farms and the like, the sound of tractors are  heard all day.  If this continues we will be without a home. The other relatives: influenza, MERS, Ebola SARS all live in fear for all the animals we live with are being evicted from their homes.

Our places of residence are lost we have to find other places to live. That's my secret mission. Our virus family needs places to live and humans are our target. Wuhan China where we  arrived was a suitable place for this operation.

The area of my abode was the bat. Originally the home of the bat was the forests of South America. The forests little by little began to decrease in size, humans with all their energy took over and heat developed and the change in the weather.

Unlike other creatures that take only enough to make ends meet. Humans cut and eat everything they see, and increase their numbers. After learning how to farm, it becomes more arbitrary.

Bats are the most common mammals on Earth and account for 20% of all mammals. In addition, it flies.  It is a great landlord for the spread of the virus. Because the bat is friendly with other wild animals, they often interact with pangolins, so Corona 19 is easily  transferred.   This is called spill over by humans. Pangolins are a favorite wild animal cooking ingredient in China. In 2002, the SARS family also by  means of  bats and civets. penetrated into the human lungs.

Our virus was originally pacifists. All  that was necessary was to let us live in the forests. However,  war began on us and evicted us. So we responded. My secret order was simply to find a  place for us to live. Humans were the most suitable place.

The sixth mass extinction on Earth is being driven by humans. Today, the number of wild mammals has decreased to one in six at the start of agriculture. 36% of land mammals are humans, and 60% are livestock raised for human consumption. Wild mammals  account for only the remaining 4%.  

There are so many livestock that they become the intermediate bridge between wild animals and humans. Also, if we get on a passenger plane it goes around the earth in half a day. This is a golden opportunity for our virus to spread to the world. 

The last section of the article the writer deals with the HIV infection of humans. Here the host was the monkey  and when their habitat began to diminish and contact with humans increased we had the virus passing on to humans.

This earth is God's creation his master piece. There are not a few people who know that the earth itself is the work of the Creator, and that all living things must coexist. If their words were heard and we could find a way of mutual coexistence, our virus will gladly cast a vote for it as well. The only worrying thing is that humans don't really know we don't have much time. 

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