Monday, October 11, 2021

Training for A Wise Old Age

From what age is old age? Is age really just a number? There are many things to talk about because it is a time when we think about living for a long time. There are quite a few books on how to live a long and healthy life and how to be welcomed by people around you when you get older. So begins the column on the Opinion page of the Catholic Peace Weekly by a past member of parliament.
However, many people seem to be satisfied with their quiet aging without harming their family or surroundings. The problem is that even these simple wishes are not obtained without effort. Efforts or training are needed to create the self one wants in old age before getting older. "I am what I am" and asking those people around them to accept the one they see is irresponsible and stubborn way to approach
aging. Then what kind of training will be needed?

Above all, it is a training to govern 'anger'. It's a really difficult task as long as we breathe. Looking back over the years, many feel something is unfair and don't like the way the world is going. It is rarely easy to shake off anger if one thinks that you deserve to be treated  better  than you are now. In this case, let's remember those who were grateful for what they were given, obedient, and leading holy lives even in harder and more difficult situations than we find ourselves.

Second, let's try to prepare ourselves to talk and communicate with the younger generation. It is good to enjoy reading, and if not, there is a lot of information that can be obtained through TV and SNS. Let's be interested in various topics and steadily cultivate our intellectual ability to talk to young people. It is also good for the brain.

Third, the habit of listening to the other person's story is important in conversation. As you get older, your thoughts and arguments become stronger. We tend to  put our experience and position first. It is the biggest obstacle to dialogue with the younger generation. Let's reduce the number of words and refrain from arguing.  If you don't get into this habit, you'll only annoy the listeners by repeating the same thing over and over again. 
Fourth, let's take solitude as a part of our life and try to enjoy it as much as possible. In old age, frequent socializing with others is also good for preventing depression, but for those who are not used to it, forcing them to mix with their surroundings can be stressful. There are many things that the elderly can enjoy alone, such as reading, listening to music, drawing, and walking. Let's not try to force ourselves to overcome the loneliness but find  ways to forget it with hobbies.
Fifth, if opening the refrigerator door is not difficult  let's develop a hobby of making and eating one or two meals alone. Think of what you would want  and start  by shopping for the ingredients.Those who have lived in the kitchen all their lives will only find this tedious but those who are not familiar with it will have the fun of using their heads and moving their hands to prepare food before they get older. Food cooking is  good for preventing dementia.
One more thing to prepare for a wise old age, let's  recall the connections that we have accumulated in our memories. There are always faces that come to mind without effort. There are unavoidable ills, but in that case, it is enough to bury it in our heart with the mind: "Is it so" or "I wish I had done that". Even if it's a good relationship, let's not be overcome by it  and try to savor the subtle scent that lingers in our memories. A way to wisely deal with a relationship that will never be reconnected is to be grateful for an undeserved relationship rather than to be hurt by reflecting on the uncomfortable one.
As you get older, you will give more thought
to the religion that you became indifferent to while younger, and you will also develop a vague habit of praying, even if it is not specific. One of the greatest gifts God has given us is the power to pray. Despite various helps to prepare for wisdom in old age, I wonder if there is anything else that is more important  than learning the serenity and quiet joy of praying.

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