Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The GoodNews portal and UCC

The Seoul Diocese has lately joined the many others in the field of User Created Content. The Catholic Internet GoodNews service has entered a new era. The Diocese feels it is late in joining this new way of interacting with their viewers but with this new beginning they see great meaning.

The diocese with the help of the other Catholic Media will have about 700 videos available for use and will be open for anyone who has Catholic material and wants to upload it to the UCC GoodNews Portal which is the largest in the Catholic Church of Korea.

They are hoping that it will be a great help in fostering many to use their talents for music, sermons, teaching plans for doctrine, making liturgical aids, teaching liturgical flower arranging and enabling religious groups to reach out to the youth in their vocation work.

In time they hope to produce "stars" through this new medium: star teachers, liturgical flower arrangers , singers, lecturers and many more that can help improve the culture in which we live.

This program will allow the Church not only to evangelize but to to shine the light of the Gospel on the culture of the times. There will always be concern on what is upoaded and there will be care made that the material is of a Catholic nature and of help to the viewers.

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