Friday, August 3, 2012

Meant to be Beautiful Flowers

We were all destined to be like beautiful flowers that need the light of the sun to survive, writes a columnist of the Catholic Times. But too many of us, seemingly unaware of our destiny, are living in the shade: trying to escape  pain and sadness by escaping into the momentary happiness of sensual pursuits. Why is the world filled with so many unhappy people? he asks. Because we don't understand what life is meant to be, he says. Because we don't know or are ignoring the only life goal that will make us truly happy.

He mentions a report indicating that over 80 percent of people have an inferiority complex, depression often developing because of this lack of self-esteem. Some retire and become passive; others become excessively active, trying to overcome this feeling of inferiority by achieving more than others. 

It's not healthy, he advises, to compare ourselves with others. Because others like to bungee-jump doesn't mean we have to bungee-jump. Why do we waste time and energy trying to duplicate what others like to do?  We should be content to do what we are best suited to do, content to nurture our own particular aptitudes and skills.

We are all different; we are all unique. I have my way of living, others have theirs. There is no reason why we should desire to imitate the way others live. It is when we try to be like another, he says, that we will have difficulties.  No matter who the person is, whether rich or poor, socially prominent or not, college educated or not, everyone experiences the sorrows of life.Life in the shade, as he describes the condition.

We can drive away this darkness, he says, by becoming aware of the light we carry within us. It is why we were created; it is our true name. And like the flower that  turns to receive the light of the sun, we, as people of faith, need to do the same to be near our own sun, whose light will guide our way in life. That is our role as humans. We were destined to live in the light, to be light.  Our problem, he says, is that we are living in the shade. Our enlightenment will not only brighten our spirits. It will brighten the whole world.

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