Monday, March 25, 2013

Home Mission with Catholic Podcast

"Welcome to the San Diego Korean Catholic Podcast! This is a not-for-profit program intended to promote the good words of Our Lord and share the songs that praise His name-- brought to you by two hosts, Cecilia and Jini, and their technical supporter Fred, who are parishioners of the St. Columba Catholic Church in San Diego, CA." These are the words that two young women introduce their Podcast, They are second generation Koreans who live in California and are using the internet as stay at home  missioners. There studio is their car, house  and bureau drawers.

The Peace Weekly has an article on the work  of these two young  women who have their Internet radio podcast that can be reached at ( They are second generation Koreans who want the whole world to experience the love of Jesus. Each broadcast lasts for 20 minutes and in preparation they are not limited by time or place for with their smart phones, they are able to record and upload to the Internet at will. Both are updating  twice during the week.

The contents of the podcast: the life of Korean Catholics  in the States, Catholic news, questions and answers, hymns, English expressions that are interesting to the Korean audience. They are able to explain many State-side Catholic customs to the listeners throughout the world.

They began in August of last year and have had 45 broadcasts, which are now listed as part of the Catholic media. Both had been working at a radio station and decided to use their talents to do God's work, the beginning of the Korean Catholic Podcast. Surprisingly, they were given a gift of a portable music recorder,  and another person gave them a broadcast editing  program, this they considered affirmation from God on the direction  they were taking.

Everything is done very simply; they have problems with voice and background music because of lack of equipment, but it has not been without  benefits for they have grown in grace. They have worked from nothing to something, a lot of work, reading the scriptures, spiritual books, preparing the scripts often working through the night: frustrations but done with joy.

Cecilia is a housewife and the mother of two children. When she hears her children humming some of the hymns from the program, and at Church some of the Christians say they were moved by a special broadcast, she feels that God is pleased. Jini was only a Sunday Catholic but in this work she has gained  a greater knowledge of her faith and with interviews and developing the podcast she has deepened this faith, and hopes they will get more listeners and continue to participate in building  God's kingdom.

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