Tuesday, August 12, 2014

ICPE Mission

'We are Laity, Catholic, and Radical' is the way the ICPE Mission introduces itself in one of its web sites. The 'Institute for World Evangelization' was founded in Malta and received canonical recognition in 1992 and has spread to various countries of the world, In 2002 the Institute was recognized as an international association of the faithful of Pontifical Right. Korea is part of the movement and is active with formation programs, teaching in prayer groups, running Bible Study groups, weekend retreats and various seminars.

The Vatican’s call for Korea to minister to Asia is the motivation for the Korean leader of the movement to begin his work. The Holy Father called Korea, in particular, to minister to Asia because of its freedom through the devout, practicing Korean Catholics.

ICPE missions are communities that promote and support missionary vocations among members of the laity by providing training in evangelization and by developing missions in various parts of the world. The core of their apostolate is the commitment to prepare lay men and women dedicated to mission and capable of responding to the call to holiness.

The Leader of the group in Korea writes in his column in the Catholic Times, on the way to discern the will of God. All of us who are Christians are in search of the will of God. He is always impressed when he meets young people who are interested in doing the will of God.

However, when he hears these words,  he wonders if this is the best way to look upon the issue: searching for the will of God. For those who were born Catholic or became Catholic at an early age from the time they reached the age of discretion they  have been searching for the will of God as something very natural. He will introduce the readers to the principle that he considers most important. He doesn't want it to sound like a big deal.

For him the important principle is to know who we are, and  to think, act and  speak  accordingly. That's it. If this be the case, is it not  wonderful? He doesn't feel anything  else is necessary, but without these last words  there is a sense of incompleteness. We are made to imitate God and God loves us, and we are to return this love by loving others, otherwise the principle has no meaning. I am loved unconditionally and that is the love I am to give. With this  attitude and  understanding isn't every thing we done the will of God?

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