Monday, September 14, 2015

'A Pep Talk for Young People'

A Korean celebrity  at a Talk Concert  for about  400 young people in the Seoul Diocese, spent over two hours in a witty dialog with them on their religious beliefs and studies. He  took questions asked by the group in handwritten messages to the speaker. Both Catholic papers wrote  an article on the gathering.

The celebrity in his presentation was greeted with interest, seriousness, laughter, hope and consolation. He treated  many kind's of questions: becoming Catholic, difficulties they meet, problems when their religious beliefs clash with the values of society,  meaning of a faith life, dealing with Protestant friends who look down on their religious beliefs etc..

One young man baptized last year was asked why he became a Catholic. He gave three reasons for entering the Church: greatly impressed by Pope Francis in his trip to Korea,  felt the motherliness  of the Blessed Mother and wanted to imitate,  even in a little way, the spirit of Jesus.

To the question what is a Christian faith life: believing in Jesus, daily present to us, and  continually asking him questions was his answer. In the way that God's creation gives witness to God we are to give witness to our Creator.

He told the young people our 60-70 year old citizens feel great pride in giving the country the economic growth. The 40-50 age group are proud of the work for Korean democratization but the 10-30 group have nothing in which they can take credit. He wants them to be the generation who helped bring about the unification of the country. Not having any overall blueprint for life is a reason for some of the young people's unrest, he reminds them.

Many questions we have in life, said the entertainer,  are the ones that leave us breathless, frustrated. He has no answers, but wants his listeners to keep on asking Jesus until he comes down from his cross. 

'Young people enjoy life and remember your Creator' was the theme of the gathering. "Rejoice, young man, in your youth and may your heart give you joy when you are young, follow your desires and achieve your ambitions but recall that God will take account of all you do. Drive sorrow from your heart and pain from your flesh, for youth and dark hair will not last.  Be mindful of your Creator...." (Ecclesiastes 11: 9-)

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