Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Pope Francis' Popularity in Korea

A Gallop International Survey made recently on the popularity of Pope Francis found that two out of three Koreans had a favorable opinion of the pope. This favorable rating was ten points higher than the average of the 64 countries surveyed.

After the visit of Pope Francis to Korea in 2014 the favorable rating went as high as 77%. In the recent survey 22% had an unfavorable opinion and 12 % reserved their opinion. Korea was rated 23rd of the 64 countries surveyed. 

Favorable ratings of some of the Developed Countries  were as follows: United States 58 %, Germany 57%, France 62 %,  England 37%. Survey was made last year from Oct. to Nov. taken among 1,500 Koreans not including Jeju Island.

Catholics had a 93 % favorable opinion, Protestants 64%, Buddhist and No-Religion 62%. In the overall survey the country with the highest favorable rating was Portugal with 94 %; only 2% with an  unfavorable opinion.  Philippines 93%, Argentina 89%, Italy 86%, Columbia 84%,  Spain and Lebanon were 80%. Countries with a large Catholic population in North, South and Central America were in the higher rank.

The lowest popularity rating came from Azerbaijan 5%, Algeria 9%, Iran 10%, Turkey 13% Mongolia 14%, Tunisia  15%,  Most of these countries, 60% of the citizens  give him little thought and have no real opinion on the pope.

Taking all the countries together Catholics have 85 % favorable opinion of the pope, Protestants 53 % and  Buddhist 33%. No-Religion 51%.

Korea has a openness to other religions. We see little prejudice and violence among religions and efforts are made to  work together.

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