Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Before and After Corona 19

Suddenly everything changed. Anxiety, fear, a devasted economic condition, and life under all kinds of restrictions weighing heavy on the mind.

The eating of adzuki bean sherbert together from the same bowl is now like a dream; attending Mass with strangers, shoulder to shoulder; going to public performances with friends and traveling abroad is something that was done in a past life. Thus begins an article in the Eyes of the Believer of the Catholic Times.

Many realize that our everyday life is a miracle. Life in many cases was dry and monotonous but now seen with a grateful eye. Daily work, playing, eating, drinking, praying, studying, the virus has changed the way we approach these daily tasks. At first: Do I have to do this? Was the first response but quickly one gets used to the change. Life before corona 19 seemed unreal but seen with gratitude and longing.

The period of Lent, whether a Christian or not, because of corona we all had to travel through a harsh wilderness. After the experience, our lives will change. Schools will offer online lectures; people will find it easier to work from home; pay more attention to hygiene: washing our hands frequently, and concern with the care of the weak. We will be flexible in responding to situations rather than following a fixed practice. People in the past after plagues saw big changes. After the plague in the 15th century, the old authority and order collapsed, humanism emerged and continued into the Renaissance.

The season of Lent is the time to plow our fields, sow seeds with tears, and reflect. After such hardships, we will harvest the good fruit. Serious reflection, effort, and devotion of the people, shown during the pandemic will lead to fruits of social maturity.

We experienced this during the IMF period when citizens collected gold and again with the oil spill in Taein when so many gave of their time and energy to solve the problem. This is our collective legacy.

We have during this pandemic, people in one province taking the patients from one of the hardest-hit areas to their local facilities. Medical staff and citizens from other areas coming to the center of the infection to help. Companies giving of their facilities, and landlords cutting rents... The media showed us the humble, passionate, considerate work of many in society helping one another. This was mentioned in the international news: no panic, no rioting, no hatred, calmness, and tranquility perdured, and no stockpiling.

There have been some deficiencies, such as the initial response but we can't find fault with the efforts of the government. This is also the period of the 21st general election on April 15. The atmosphere because of the virus, electioneering was off center stage. The politicians' behavior, however, disgusted many of citizens more than the virus.

The people's dedication to their neighbors, their solidarity and cooperation are expected to have contributed to the collective legacy of the citizens, teaching us much. We will benefit from the virtue shown. "To love God with all your heart, with all your understanding and strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself, this is far more important than any holocaust or sacrifice" (Mark 12:33).

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