Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Blessing of the Rainbow" Cha Dong-yeop

Fr. Cha Dong-yeop of the Incheon Diocese is a man on fire with the message of " positive thinking". His book the Blessing of the Rainbow has sold close to a million copies. He is intelligent, charismatic, well educated, confident and a propagandist for the 'will to do'. The publishers blurb for the book, mentions:

"Happiness and success depend on how you think.
You will be owner of your life if you throw away your
negative and passive thoughts and change them to
positive and active thoughts. The future is yours
when you challenge yourself with the faith that
'I can do it' ."

It is a happy reality that we have a Catholic Priest giving a very important message to all who are interested. In our theology we start off with a very important principle that "Grace builds on Nature". Fr. Cha is giving us a great deal of that foundation which is common sense and just basic natural principles that have worked for so many people.

The people in the States are very familiar with Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People. Another man a Protestant Minister, Norman Vincent Peale, had a best seller in, Power of Positive Thinking .These books have sold in the millions and are still popular. They have helped many to achieve a sense of self that they had lacked before.

Fr. Cha knows that he has detractors but this does not deter him for he is confident that what he has to say will be able to stand on its own with the passage of the years. Last year he gave over 600 talks, an indisputable sign of one who is on fire with a message.

Besides the Korean Edition there is also an English edition that may be ordered.

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  1. I finished reading the book "The Slight Edge", then I was given "Blessings of the Rainbow".
    Blessings of the Rainbow said everything I had read in "the slight edge" but gave me a, in depth, and better understanding, of why we need to have a set of goals, and how to reach out and achieve my DREAMS.
    K. F. B.