Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Naju Is Still In The News

In the May issue of the Kyunghyang Catholic Magazine there is an article about "the Blessed Mother's Mountain" of Naju. Julia Youn the visionary behind Naju says that she has experienced messages and many supernatural phenomena but the Diocese of Kwangju has made it very clear, after a prolonged study, that there is nothing supernatural on what has taken place in Naju. Below is what the diocese has stated and reported in the The Catholic Bishops' Conference news report.

Archbishop Youn declared, "Various strange phenomena which happened to Mrs. Julia Youn …… produce no evidence which prove that they are truly supernatural [
non constat de supernaturalitate] ……."

"The Archdiocese of Kwangju strongly urged the faithful not to follow the members of the group, who try to do damage to the relationships between the Apostolic See and the CBCK, as well as the Archdiocese of Kwangju. The Archdiocese also admonished those who promoted the so-called 'Julia Youn and the related phenomena', to stop disturbing the proper faith of the faithful and agitating their false hope."

This past Christmas there were about 200 people present for a Mass at the Naju center. The article mentions how sad it is that some Catholics feel a need to take their personal opinions and spread them even though the diocese and the bishop have stated that they should desist doing so. The article ends with a quote from 1 Cor. "God is not a God of confusion, but of peace."

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