Friday, April 17, 2009

New Catholic Website "HERE AND NOW"

A group of Catholics in Korea have launched the first "independent" Catholic news "Here and Now" website.

It is an attempt to focus on the poor and socially underprivileged ; it desires to stress the justice of God. It wants communication between the Church and the World. They do not desire to just follow the ways of the world but do not want to ignore it either. The group wants to take the Second Vatican Council seriously and attain its ideals. The priests, religious and laypeople as equals in communicating will make for a stronger Church.

The group wants two way communication between the Church and the World and within the Church. The group says the Church must not be like other groups that just selfishly think of themselves and become like a big business. They feel that the Church must search for ways to heal itself and overcome laziness.

The head of the Korean bishops' Committee for Social Communication admitted that existing Church media mostly highlights the clergy. He hopes that the new website "would help the Church mature by addressing laypeople's voices in various ways"

It was reported that over 3500 visitors a week visited the website even before it was launched. May it be a blessing for the Church in Korea.


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