Friday, April 17, 2009


There was an article in the Catholic Paper this week mentioning that the Catholic Church
in Jeon Jyu Diocese was defaced by graffiti. The Church is the Jeon Dong Church which was the oldest Romanesque Church built in the Honam district on the site where the first martyrs Yun Ji Chung (Paul) and Gwon Sang Yeon (Jacob) where martyred. This Church has been designated by the government as a place of historical interest.

In Korea it is rare to hear about the defacing of monuments or public places and Churches of any kind. I do not remember having ever heard of such a problem although there must have been situations where it has occurred. The article's big print had : "Who? Why? this Evil Deed?"

The understanding is that it was a deliberate act of at least 3 persons. It was done during the night and discovered in the morning by the Sisters of the parish. The writing was in three colors, blue, white and red. The words were ANTI CHRIST, PSEUDO and FUCK and similar words. There was also an upside down cross.

It is sad to see this type of defacement especially when it seems to be religiously motivated.

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