Sunday, May 3, 2009

Formation of Foreign Seminarians in Korea

The Church in Korea has now 20 foreign seminarians studying in a number of different seminaries. This was reported in an article in the recent Catholic newspaper. This could be the start of having Korea be the hub for foreign seminarians from Asia and Africa. Some would say that it is too early to say that Korea has that position but it is headed in that direction.

In 1996 they had two Chinese seminarians studying in Korea. From that time there has been a steady increase.

There are 7 Seminaries in Korea. Daejeon has the most with 8 studying in the theology department. Seoul has 2 each from China and Bangladesh and one from Vietnam for five. Incheon has 3 from China and one from Zambia. for a total of 4. Kwangju, Suwon and Daegu have 1 each.

The biggest problem for the Seminary and the students is the language. The difficulties of culture and styles of living are a problem but not as much as the problem of language. Some have even suggested the teaching of the subjects in English. They have many problems to face but it is great to see the interest that the Korean Church has in the formation of seminarians from outside the country. Hopefully they will be helped with the formation of a society of support for these seminarians both from the Korean Church and the Churches of these other foreign countries.

There is an article from Western Confucian which I found interesting.

"a Christianized retelling of the story of Prince Siddhartha Gautama" led to "one of the more interesting dates ever to have been on the Catholic calender of saints" — The Feast of Saint Bodhisattva.

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