Saturday, August 15, 2009

Last Wishes of Partriot Ahn before Death

In the recent issue of the Pastoral Bulletin Fr. Ham Sei-eung records the last words of Ahn jung-geun Korean Patriot. He summarized the last wishes of the patriot which I translated loosely and shortened again. (Patriot Ahn was the Korean who assassinated the first Prime Minister of Japan, Ito Hirobumi at the railroad station in Harbin. )

The patriot was questioned for 3 months and at the end of 6 public trials was given the death penalty. The Catholic Priest, Fr. Joseph Wilhelm, visited him in prison, gave him the Last Sacraments and said Mass. He was there for 4 days. Patriot Ahn said the Blessed Mother appeared to him in a dream. "Death transcends all and to be reconciled with God is the most beautiful prayer."

To his two brothers:

My body will be buried here in Harbin when we again have sovereignty please return my body to my homeland. Even if I am in heaven I will be working for the independence of our Country. Make it know to our countrymen that we have the responsibility for our country, be of one mind and work together for independence. When I hear of Independence from heaven I will dance and yell out with 3 cheers.

To his mother:

Blessed be Jesus. This world is like the emptiness of dew. I will pray that we will see each other in heaven.Everything in this earth depends on God I pray that you remain in peace. Benedict (6 years old, the oldest son) I pray that you raise him to be a priest and offer him to God.

To his wife Kim Agnes:

Blessed be Jesus, in the providence of God we have been joined together in matrimony and in his providence we have been separated but will meet again shortly in heaven... I will pray that Benedict becomes a priest, may he be offered to God... from your husband Ahn Thomas

To his brother Myung-geun:

Blessed be Jesus, we appear suddenly and disappear suddenly it is all like a dream. Let us be bigger than the dream and be sure of our meeting in eternity.

To Fr. Joseph Wilhelm:

Blessed be Jesus, Father you baptized me and came to this prison to give me the Last Sacrament, for this great gift I am most thankful...I ask you to pray for me. Please greet all the priests and the Christians. Tell them I will meet them in heaven. I will write to the Bishop separately.

To Bishop Mutel:

Blessed be Jesus: ... although I have caused you much trouble fortunately I was able by the grace of Jesus while in prison to receive the Last Sacrament, went to confession and at the Mass received the Eucharist. I have received internal peace.... With the Bishop may all the priests gathering strength be one and with much virtue and example, my prayer is that all our Koreans come to believe and give homage to God and become His children.

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