Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Preparing for Baptism in Korea

When it comes to teaching the worst possible way is the lecture method. Using visual aides is better and the best possible way of imparting knowledge we are told is the way of experience. We can talk about how to write an e-mail, or we can show a person with pictures, slides or video but the best way is to go to a computer and do it.

In all the Churches here in Korea we do have programs for our catechumens. They are many and varied. The program for catechumens depends most of the time on the parish and the wishes of the pastor. You have 6 month courses, meeting sometimes twice a week, you have 10 months or more and sometimes you have the RCIA which is the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. Actually according to the instructions you are not to have an assigned time; the growth of the catechumen in the faith should determine the time for baptism.

Just read an article about a parish in Seoul that also has the catechumens spend time during the period of catechism in service to others. They visit hospitals and different facilities in Seoul, serving those who are sick or have mental and physical problems. They could be messaging the feet of those who are mentally handicapped, go walking with a patient, or recreating with them or just visit with someone.

In all the years that we had catechism classes we never made it part of the course to do some kind of service for others but in retrospect it would have been a wonderful addition. This is an important part of life as a disciple and having this experience during the period of study is all for the good.

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