Monday, December 28, 2009

How Koreans See Themselves??

This following post is taken from the Korean Internet: how Koreans see themselves and think others see them.
A developed country that is not in the first ten and yet heaps abuses on other countries.

Death from cancer, the consummation of liquor, the import of Western liquors, traffic accidents, incidents of our young people smoking, all kinds of government debt, gets us listed in the first three places in world ranking and we can't move out.

The Korean potential for economic growth has made the Jews and the Japanese seem lazy.

The Korean students have been in the top of their classes in first class colleges of the world and have placed if not first in the World Skills Competition, 2nd or 3rd.

A country that enjoys a culture of eating hot spicy food.

Although a small country they have produced many talented people.

A country that doesn't known the names of their soccer players and yet had 700 thousand come out on to the streets.

Although we don't have the power or strength we are always ready to challenge.

A country that was able at the time of the IMF economic crisis to rebound within two years.

The offspring of nomadic people but are leading in the world of Information Technology and Communication.

The only country in the world that is divided.

One of the few countries in today's world with a monoculture.

A country that spends more money than any other country on the elements of English teaching and is the 1ooth in the ability to speak

A country that has children go to school at 7:40 am and stay to 10 pm and 11:00 pm for many years on end and can continue to do so.

A country that loves their children like no other.

The more expensive an item is the more they buy

The 88 Olympics and 2002 World Cup have made Korean known.

Those running the government cry we will be ruined , ruined, and we are not ruined thanks to the great endurance of the people.

A people who study English for 10 years and can't say a word in English to a foreigner.

A people who enjoy systematic violence in their movies

Rather than the development of cosmetics, cosmetic surgery is developed.

A dynamic country whose people feel that the next year will be better than the present year.

An egoistic people who feel they are the best.

Sexual crime cases are the worst in the world and the country does little to educate concerning sex.

A people that believes the person with the loudest voice wins.

This is not an objective sociological look at the Korean way of life and flawed in many ways. It was good for laughs, was a response. There are some facts listed but not many. I believe it was a response to an Internet question that made the rounds. The Koreans in this group at least could laugh at themselves.

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  1. Fascinating and frustrating, humorous and hubristic. Thanks for posting these.