Saturday, May 16, 2009


When the weather is reasonable and time allows I usually go up the nearby mountain for a couple of hours' exercise- especially since the City of Busan has made a marvelous path and mountain-top park.

About half way up the mountain I have noticed a man working hard to put siding on a medium –sized steel-framed building. I never stopped to inquire about his work until today. He was resting near the entrance so I felt –“Ah, a good chance to chat.”

Wiping the sweat from his face, he said, “I began this little factory three years ago, on this land bought by my grandfather.”

Curious, I continued, “I noticed you are always working alone. Do you have any one to help- sons, relatives, and friends?”

“Yes, he replied, “but they all have jobs,”

“Will you be able to put on the roof, before the raining season in July?”

He laughed “Maybe I’ll be able to put on the roof in 3 or 4 years”

He smiled again as I made a gesture of rolling up my sleeves to help him.

“It will take time, but, for sure, I will get it done!” he explained confidently.

Now each time I pass his project I will remember what he taught me so well! Determination! I want to do it! I will do it!