Monday, August 3, 2009

The Catholic Church and the Poor

In the Now Here Catholic New's Site an article asked is the Catholic Church the religion of the elite in our Korean Society?

The point that is being made is the Catholics seem to be gravitating to certain areas where the educational level, the income and place in society is rather high.

One of the graphs showed those over 18 years of age who were graduates of college or junior college: Buddhist 21.7 %, Protestants 34.1%, Catholics 38.0%. In looking over the graph the Catholics are those with the most years of education. The higher numbers of those that have white collar jobs are also the Christians, Catholics and Protestants. The proportion of Buddhists, Confucians and Won Buddhist engaged in agriculture, forestry and fishing on the other hand would be noticeably higher.

It seems that from polls of the past it is easily noticed that those who have a higher educational background are also those who have adapted to the modern life style. This is also becoming true of the Won Buddhists.

The conclusion is one that I have seen expressed over the years by many who have seen the growth of the Catholic Church. The Catholics were the poor but knew they were part of the community and were proud of their role. In certain areas this is no longer true.
Also the young people who are not college or junior college students may not feel welcomed in the youth groups.

I have heard it said over the years that some of the poorer Christians do not feel comfortable in a Church were all are better educated and have a better life style. This problem
is not easily solved and it may be the reason the poor and uneducated no longer find the Catholic Church as welcoming as in the past.