Thursday, October 8, 2009

Catholic Korean Pastoral English Magazine

The author of Blessing of the Rainbow ( can be ordered in English) and founder and head of the Future Pastoral Institute, Fr. Dong Yeop Cha, will have an English edition of the Korean magazine Catholic Pastoral Information.The September issue will be the trial issue with the first inaugural issue in October. It will try to facilitate the exchange of ideas on ministry with those with experience in different parts of the world.

The first publication of 500 copies will be for Europe and the United States, 40 countries and 240 dioceses and the concerned Vatican departments. It will also be sent to all the foreign missioners in Korea. The articles are taken from the existing Korean Issue and will be in digest form in the English edition, It will be an exchange of ideas, cross fertilization of experiences in pastoral work.

Fr. Cha feels that since the Korean Church is acknowledged as being in the forefront of evangelizing in Asia, Korea should take a lead in making known our experience and results to others.

Bishop Choi, the Bishop of Inchon, proposed the idea for such a magazine and hopes that it will be the means of not only helping the development of the Korean Church but help others by sharing the strong points of the Korean Church.

The Catholic Korean Church has been on the receiving end for many years with information, theological studies, research results and has learned a great deal. It is now time for us to share with others in ministry what we have learned and help others.

The Future Pastoral Institute has as its founding principles: be led by the Spirit, new approaches to information, and living in hope.

The vision:

1) Not to work alone but with others- Lay Apostolate.
2) From a waiting Church to one in search- from come to us - to going out to others.
3) From a belief of duty to one of grace- animated with life.

Five Works:

1) Study for a model of Church that is life giving.
2) Educating and giving talks on the integral life of faith.
3) Study and research for new leadership.
4) Research new methods of evangelizing.
5) Make pastoral aids for those in the work.