Thursday, November 19, 2009

"The Happiest Mother in the World"

There is a very heart warming story of a family of two twins who both had developmental problems in the recent front page of the Peace Weekly. The mother told God " to cure her two sons if not let her remain until they get married."

In 1998 she was diagnosed with colon cancer and given 6 months to live. This came to the mother like lighting from the blue. Her twins were 16 years old. They operated and with chemotherapy three years ago was told there is no trace of cancer.

The twins have grown to be robust young men. One of them showed genius talent in music and studied the piano and is now in graduate school studying musical composition. The other showed extreme talent in mathematics and is now an assistant driver for the school from which he graduated.

They are both very faithful in their religious life. Even more so than the parents if that can be said. The mother tells how at the second birthday they still couldn't say any words. She brought them to the doctor who told her to see a psychiatrist. She was told that they were autistic but she had no idea what that meant and thought that if treated they would be cured.

She took the children to special schools and since they lived in a one room and the husband was a taxi driver, did not have much to live on. Up until the age of 5 they could not speak and did not react with others. She notice they had musical talent and bought a piano into their one room house. She also gave them woodwinds to study and got them to study composition and harmony. They attended competitive contests for the handicapped and received big prizes on a number of occasions.

They both attend morning Mass and one twin is a Legion of Mary member and the other plays the organ for the young peoples' choir. They are very busy young men. At the end of the interview one of the twins ran to his mother laughing- "Mom,I told you not to worry." At that moment , the interviewer tells us "she was the happiest mother in the world."