Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All The Way to Heaven is Heaven

If God is Love why did he make Hell? Below is a letter that a Korean priest received on this subject and included in a newsletter.

"Why is it that parents will die in a fire for their children but no matter how bad the child is parents would never have them burn in a fire? Why then would God send his children to a hell of fire? Furthermore, if a person does sin can that be considered a one person's problem, isn't that a problem with God, who made us? With a problem child, you usually have problem parents. Since God is all powerful isn't that a problem in God? How could He who gave his life for us send us to hell? If someone says to me do you know how much I love you then why don't you love me; if you don't love me, I will throw you into hell's fire. What are we to make of that? Will one feel sorry or rather think that is crazy? If God loves us how could he send us to hell. I can't accept that kind of God. "

This is a problem for many people and brings fear into their lives. The writer explains that God is not the creator of evil nor did make hell. Hell is the choice of the person.

When we do something wrong we are ashamed or have a guilty conscience. This guilt prompts us to run away from God. In this whirlpool of confusion we still have to decide what to do. When we finally acknowledge our guilt, there are three possible responses to God: admitting our shame and turning toward God, living with the guilt and the despair, or deciding that life is not worth living. .

God will let us know what our faults are and when we have done wrong. A person of faith when presented with this knowledge gives thanks and in shame goes to God. If we live our faith life in this way, there is no way that we will inflict the pain of hell on ourselves.

This does not speak very clearly to me and this whole question is one that is not easy to understand, but it is the revelation that the Church has received and will continue to try to understand up until the Second Coming. There are a few things that are clear. God doesn't send anybody to hell. It is the choice of the individual; God, having made us free, has to respect that. That is far from a satisfactory answer but for Christians, when we become members of the body of Christ and do nothing to separate ourselves. we are already living the blessed life of heaven.

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