Sunday, March 7, 2010

For One Who Believes All is Possible

Today's Diocesan Sunday Bulletin has a short article by one of the Incheon priests who has a daily blog and wants us to know that with the help of God all is possible. He is a parish priest with a busy parish, but because of the blog his own name is not as well known as the blog's name 'Bbadaking'. ( Every morning at 5:00 am for the last 10 years he has a meditation: "Starting the morning with Father Bbadaking."

He started the blog on June 14, 2001. When he started he wondered how long he would be able to continue. He had no gift for writing and was not one with much patience. He had a problem getting his sermons ready every week and here he was working on a daily meditation. He considered it a rash decision on his part.

However, it is now 10 years later and he is still with it. He wonders if he decided not to continue would he be the person he is today?

Ten years ago he could not image the person he has become. A person who could not write or speak is now someone quite different. He has written 6 books, and finds himself invited here and there to give talks. He feels a person with faith has to avoid using the word --I can't. There is nothing that our Lord can not do. The problem is with us. Because we think we can not do it, we shut our hearts to what the Lord wants to give us.

It can be done. He concludes the article by telling us since we believe in God he will help us do what we deem is the right thing to do. We are working for one who can do anything, and we should not forget this reality.

There is another priest Fr. Oh Kyeong-hwan who has retired, but is still giving lectures and writing. We gave some information on Fr. Oh in one of the earlier blogs (click). You can find the information to his blog by going to the previous blog. His blog deals with evolution and existence of God. Both of these blogs are in Korean; I am sure there are other personal blogs in the diocese dealing with Catholicism and faith. The Incheon Diocese is active on this important stage in cyberspace.

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