Friday, May 7, 2010

Need to Empty our 'Mental Inboxes'

The Catholic newspaper had an article recently with many provocative thoughts. Some years ago the writer, as a newbie to the computer world, was having a problem using the internet. He was preparing to send an important e-mail, and after working all night sent it out, as promised, but it was returned. He sent it out a number of times without success and finally went to another religious who knew computers. There might not be a problem with the computer, he was told. It could be a problem with the receiver’s inbox; it could be filled and not accepting any more emails. He was surprised to hear of such an easy resolution to his problem.

He called the addressee of the e-mail to tell him very confidently that his filled inbox was the reason he was not receiving the email. The person had no problem accepting what he had to say, and an hour later called to say the inbox was empty.

He again sent the e-mail and this time the computer told him his e-mail went to its destination. He laughed to see how easy the problem had been solved.

The writer thinks that is what happens to many of us in many other areas of life. We are not able to hear what is spoken because we have too many things in our own mental inbox--worries, self consciousness, pride, scars not healed. Our inbox is stacked with a lot of spam; of no use to us and taking up a lot of space.

To have someone there to help makes the problems we have solvable. Having moral support enables us to search for answers that otherwise would not seem possible for us. There are times, however, when we are not interested in hearing what others have to say; it is not to our advantage so we find ways not to hear. If one chooses this way of relating there is little that we can do--it is their choice.

It is not an easy task to empty what we have placed in our minds and hearts over the years. If there is garbage there, we need to get rid of it and allow the mind and heart to fill with the goodness of life. Nature hates a vacuum and so does our mental and spiritual faculties; just getting rid of the garbage does not solve the problem. We have to fill it with the good, once we get rid of what doesn't belong, or else the second stage may be worse than the first (Luke 11:26).

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