Wednesday, July 28, 2010

East Like the West Uses Common Sense

Continued from yesterday.

Advice for fostering orginality
51) Get rid of preconceived ideas that you had up until now. Receive all with a clean slate.
52) Cross question--why, how.
53) See yourself objectively.
54) Make sure of your goal and with determination head for it.
55) Do not be intimitated by the situation but go ahead with freedom.
56) See what the signs of the times seem to signify.
57) Be open to all kinds of information.
58) Be ready to receive inspiration and hints from novels and art.
59) Broaden the number of your acquaintances
60) Take regular time each day to think.

Advice on how to free yourself from pressure of daily life
61) Be positive in your thinking
62) Leave your selfish ways and find ways of doing something meaningful for another.
63) Make a stardard for life and don't depart from it.
64) Make concrete long and short range targets for your efforts.
65) Find someone in your field who is skilled.
66) Make plans that fit your capabilities.
67) Make a mind picture of what you are thinking and want to do.
68) Prioritize and write down what you are planing to do the next day, before going to bed .
69) Individualize your love to others.
70) Even in despairing circumstances, never give up your hope.

Advice for getting younger
71) Keep on growing.
72) Hold on to your dream.
73) Have a sunny disposition.
74) Meet new people, have new hobbies, read new books.
75) Be big hearted
76) Let young people stimulate you.
77) Be busy.
78) Be ready to work on a different plan.
79) Do something good.
80) Volunteer in a great work.

Advice for communicating with another
81)Listen carefully to the other and be ready to respond.
82) Listen to the way the other person is making his points.
83) Make an effort to understand the other, and keep an interest in what is being said.
84) Recognize the other's values.
85) Encourage the one you are talking to and and speak postively.
86) Do not make known his secrets.
87) Speak about weighty things only at the proper time.
88) Make your emotions, feelings, and your inner scars known by your words.
89) Don't prejudge by your standards what the other person is saying.
90) Show that you are listening.

How to spend a satisfying day
91) Think simply.
92) Don't be too afraid of results.
93) Enjoy your work.
94) Have a wholesome hobby.
95) Find satisfaction in your present life.
96) Speak positively and with delight with the persons you meet.
97) Face your difficulties; don't run away from them.
98) Adorn the present moment with success.
99) Live within your plans.
100) Forget the unpleasant quickly.

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