Tuesday, July 27, 2010

East Like the West Uses Common Sense

Some of the e-mails I receive regularly come from anonymous sources and often contain words of wisdom written in Korean for Koreans. The following maxims, from one of those emails, are based on common sense readily accepted by most of us. "The East is East and West is West and never the two shall meet" may have been true at one time but with globalization this is rapidly changing.

If we could accomplish what these maxims propose, we would be better for it. For the Christian, however, there are some zingers that would make us hesitate. Listed below is the translation from the Korean, part one; part two will follow tomorrow.

Advice in becoming alienated
1) Laugh at the person behind his back.
2) Talk only about yourself.
3) When somebody is talking, interrupt and talk about your own deeds.
4) When someone says something not to your liking, let your contempt show.
5) Instead of being concerned about the other's interest, talk about your own.
6) Always be more interested in yourself than the other.
7) Consider the other as of no value.
8) When meeting another, argue and always intend to win.
9) Point out another's faults and try always to correct them.
10) Never say sorry for your faults.

Advice in being a charming person
11) Be joyful and never lose your sense of humor.
12) Listen carefully to the other.
13) Do not play favorites.
14) Keep a promise as you would your life.
15) Always be thankful.
16) When necessary don't hesitate to do what you have to do.
17) Go in search of your dream and always strive to the utmost.
18) Be careful of your appearance.
19) Be careful of your speech.
20) Don't be stingy.

Advice in avoiding stress

21) Get up 15 minutes earlier than usual. Begin the day with some reserve time.
22) Have a plan for the day.
23) Carry a book with you and read when you have the opportunity. Avoid being bored.
24) When you have a problem, consult with someone.
25) Be careful of your appearance.
26) Have space for yourself.
27) Do not fret by thinking about your worrries; write them down on a piece of paper.
28) Do not put off doing things that you hate to do.
29) Take a bath and get plenty of sleep.
30) Do some daily exercises that will make you sweat.

Advice to accomplish what you want
31) Do what you have to do before what you want to do.
32) Give all your energy to the work you are doing until done.
33) Do not give up on it even if you do not see any change.
34) If you fail, try again, and if you fail again, look for the cause.
35) Look for someone with the same objectives.
36) Daily record your progress on a project and renew the goal.
37) Even in the worst of circumstances, do not give up.
38) Use the knowledge and the information you have received.
39) Adhere to what you consider right and never let go.
40) Do more than you are expected to do.

Advice in not losing your self respect
41) When you want to do something, don't ask for permission, do it.
42) Look the other in the eye.
43) Make sure of your position and speak it out honestly.
44) Do not use useless words.
45) When you refuse something, do it clearly.
46) Don't become a victim; if you don't like something, say so.
47) If someone doesn't listen to your opinion then don't associate with him.
48) Make clear that you are ready to meet the superior of the person you are talking to.
49) Take a cool attitude towards a person trying to use you.
50) Do not consider yourself a strong person.

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