Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Task Worth All The Effort Required

Korean Culture has been influenced greatly by  Shamanism, Taoism,  Buddhism and Confucianism. Because Christianity found such a fertile spiritual climate when it entered Korea, its ethical teaching was not strange to the Korean converts.

One of the opinion pieces in the Catholic Times brings to our attention the tendency of seeing others negatively, thinking and saying negative things about others. This tendency to be critical, often justified as "just being truthful," is common in our society; we are quick to see the  faults of others and point out their weaknesses.

Lamenting that nothing was going right in his life a man went to the  Buddha  for help. He was told you have to give to others. He said that he had nothing to give. The Buddha told him that no matter how poor you are you can perform the following 7 alms:

1) Greet another with warmth.

2) Speak to another with words of praise, encouragment and tenderness.

3) Open one's heart to the other.

4) Look about the other gently.

 5) With the body help another with their work and baggage.

6) Give one your seat.

7) Without being asked, respond by reading another's heart, and then help.

The writer selects three of these as   the million dollar task of a group that he will be leading on a  summer vacation. To see others with kindly eyes;  think well of them, and  say good things about them. In doing so we leave no room for the negative in our relations with  others.        
Look on  others with friendly eyes; think well, and speak well  of them, and you will be happy.  (Matthew 28 verse 21)  You won't find this in Matthew the writer concludes, but it could  very well be part  of Jesus's teaching to the disciples.

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