Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Movement For Life Continues to Grow in Korea

A movement to unite the pro-life forces in Korea is gathering momentum in an effort to strengthen their opposition to the laissez faire approach to abortion by most of society. This movement is not unopposed by those that see the right to choose as a human rights issue, and they are also beginning to unite to make their voices heard.  A report that the government is considering legalizing abortion has further motivated the pro-life forces to join together in the battle for public approval.

The first group was the doctors who came  together attempting  to put teeth into the law as it now stands. Abortion is illegal and they want the government to acknowledge this and   enforce it. The second group to associate was the young people, and now we have the lawyers who are uniting. The pro-life  teachers also have plans to unite.

The lawyer heading the group, as quoted by the Peace Weekly, said,  "The different  pro-life groups feel  a great loss in not having the lawyers with them.  We will join you in thinking about right-to-life problems and related topics, becoming more aware of what is involved, and join with you in the movement for life."

He has made it clear that all citizens should get behind the movement because "pro-life"  is not a religious question but a human question. He says, "...the so- called progressive stand of certain segments of our society, although they push for the dignity of women, the handicapped and foreigners, are disregarding the right to life issue. They are self-interested to the point  of making life a commodity, and the affection we should have for life is lost."

The lawyer group has about 50 members and striving to add many more. They are a religiously motivated group that is not only interested in the elimination of abortion and changing or removing the laws that allow abortions by skirting the restrictions but interested as well in promoting respect for all life. Also on their agenda for the future is a network that will focus on educational programs to get their message across on respect for life issues.

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